Because ostomy supplies can cost between $300-$600 a month, it is wise to work closely with your physician to maintain refillable, on-time prescriptions.

“I have been struggling to figure out WHY and HOW my supply company charges almost $192 for a box of 5 colostomy bags (I need 4 a month) and $63.

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May 7, 2023 · On average, ostomy supplies cost $300 to $600 a month.

For additional help ordering, try contacting the product manufacturer, check your local phone book’s business pages, or check the Internet (try searching for “ostomy supplies”). Cost per item (Retail): Wafer$5. .

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. This is one of the most significant steps in managing ostomy. .

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Persons with urostomies reported an average wear time of 5.

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I do not have insurance so cost of ostomy supplies are an important factor for me and my family. ago.

. The overall annual average resource use for individuals using components was about 6.

Discounts: Many hospitals give discounts of up to 30% or more to uninsured/cash-paying patients.
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Liberator Medical™ offers a wide variety of ostomy products and accessories from leading manufacturers to help you discover the best solution for your ostomy care. 1">See more. The total incremental cost of a complete four-session program with four ostomy patients was $7,246, with a per-patient cost of $1,812 (2014 dollars).

1">See more. . . While this program can be a little tricky to navigate since it has a few restrictions, most patients pay for 25% of their supply costs up to a maximum $500 per. The average American household spent $66,928 in 202 1, or $5,577 a month. They also offer low-cost ostomy supplies to those who are faced with.


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Ostomy supply spending averages between $75 – $125 / month.

A4423 Ostomy closed end pouch for locking system, with filter 60 each / month A4424 Ostomy drainable pouch with barrier, filter, one-piece 20 each / month A4425 Ostomy drainable pouch for non-locking system, with filter 20 each / month A4426 Ostomy drainable pouch for locking system, non-filter 20 each / month A4427 Ostomy drainable pouch for.

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A colostomy typically is covered by health insurance.